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Well I'll first start off by how this blog got started.

Over the past few years I have been interested in starting a blog about Nerf with various attempts, some ending in failure some success (well sort of). The ones that ended in failure I simply deleted because they weren't getting enough views. While the other one which was sort of successful with 1580 views over 6 months needed to be moved over to Blogger as I think this hosting platform is much better than Wordpress although Wordpress in itself is quite impressive.

So I finally chose Blogger. I had to be committed to this. It couldn't be one of those *phases*. So I decided to stick with this blog for now and hopefully I don't have to switch over again.

Now to the part you have been waiting for!!

How I got started in Nerf
Well I got started in Nerf back in 2008 when I was in China. I had bought a Recon and WOW, it was so much fun!!! So when I came back from China to Australia. I decided to buy some more Nerf guns. Next was I think a Maverick. And then I stopped playing with the Nerf blasters for a while. Then in 2010/2011 I got back into the whole Nerfing thing and I bought some Nitefinders. And then it was back to other things for a while until 2012! 2012 was a good year but it was still tough with all the school work I had to go through. I bought a Longshot and Stampede that year (although I haven't used the Stampede yet because I need money to buy a battery kit). And then for a couple of months I was busy again with other committments until the last month of the year (this is the big holiday period for us Aussies here) which was December of course! December/January I've really been getting into it although my parents are a bit restrictive of Nerf blasters.

So that's my story!

Anyway, what I hope to achieve with this blog is to help you guys get the best information you can get! I will be (hopefully) getting more Nerf blasters to review and also modify!!!

Signing out,


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