Thursday, 31 January 2013

New concept blaster in development

Me and my friend are working on a new concept blaster specifically for beginner modders or stock people who just want some extra oomph. Am working on it right now :) will be posting pictures of blue prints for you to criticize. Bad and good feedback welcome. Until then comment below with any advice or ideas. This will be a open source project. ( not for profit, may change later) maybe deciding to give money generated to snw charities!!! Allen


  1. What do you mean by 'cencept blaster'?

    1. Hi Awesomenerfer1999,

      According to Google Australia a 'concept' is a

      A plan or intention; a conception
      e.g. I will use this concept to help other people.
      So then you can piece it together with 'blaster' which I think you know what it means (hint:related to Nerf).

      If you still can't piece it together then don't worry, I will be explaining this soon on my blog if you like :).

      Till then,

      Keep on blasting!!!

      From your fellow mate,


  2. Any updates on this coming soon? :)