Wednesday, 30 January 2013

First Production Video (Just for fun) The Beginnings

Hi guys,

Yesterday I was messing around with my cameras and I made a sports camera (essentially a compact camera on a tactical rail attachment (sight) lol). I then made a video of it with my DSLR involved as well (for those of you who don't know what a DSLR is it can be found here

I have the privilege of owning a DSLR which I got from my parents so I wanted to put it to good use!! For Nerf wars at home!! And maybe for to film at Sydney Nerf Wars as well!!! I am so pumped for the 9th February FFS: Eye in the Sky!!! (Event can be found by typing "Sydney Nerf Wars" on Facebook or by following this link Here is the link to their website as well, it will explain what an "FFS" is as there is so much information I can't fit it into one blog post!!

So now back on topic. I made a video experimenting with Adobe Premiere Elements (YES I did put my school laptop to good use) and I made a video-in-video overlay which is so cool!! You may not know what it is but it is essentially a video in a video (A smaller sized video window is placed in a larger video window). YES, you may think it's complicated but it's actually easier done than said!!!

So here's my video.

Please enjoy and make sure to come back for more on Nerf news, unboxings, reviews, and videos.

Signing off,

Allen (Nitefinder49)

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