Sunday, 13 January 2013

Nerf Stampede Battery Kit

Hi guys,

I'm planning on getting a battery kit for my Nerf Stampede as I'd like to unleash the awesome power of the blaster. Currently I can't use my stampede as it has no batteries so I would like to choose a cheap and lighter alternative to D batteries for the long term.

D batteries can be really expensive when you add them up over the months as they can be used very quickly and don't provide much power as compared to some other batteries.

The battery kit that I want to buy consists of:

  • 4 X 3.7V Trustfires 900Mah (4.2 volts when fully charged)
  • 6 X D to AA battery adapters
  • 2 X AA Dummy batteries
  • Trustfire charger
And that should be all if I haven't forgot anything.

Anyway if you are looking to modify your Stampede then this is a sure way to get started! Also you can add a stronger spring, padding and O-ring as well if you like.

Any questions? What do you use in your Stampede?

Signing off,


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