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Nerf Rayven CS-18 Review

Nerf Rayven CS-18


The Nerf Rayven CS-18 is now one of my favourite blasters as unlike the Stampede it is very light, compact and easy to modify. These factors make it a very well rounded blaster and is good for Nerfers that are new to the hobby.

Review time!


1. Range
2. Accuracy
3. Usefulness
4. Rate of fire
5. Capacity
6. Value for money

1. Range

The range of this blaster when it is stock is quite amazing when compared to other N-Strike Stock Blasters. It could consistently hit 11-12m when using Rechargeable AA batteries (1.2V each). So logically if you were using 4 X 1.5V batteries you would be able to get even more range with the blaster. Also you have the choice of modifying the blaster to shoot further. What I would recommend is to use 12.6V (3 Trustfires charged to 4.2V) as I think 16.8V is too much and will burn out the motors too easily. When using the Trustfires you will be met with a menacing but powerful blaster which has a great ROF (Rate of Fire).

2. Accuracy

The accuracy of the Rayven can vary as it depends what foam darts you are using and if you have voltage increased your blaster as well. If you have it as stock then it is pretty accurate and the same for when it has been voltage increased with Silicone Tip Foam Darts or Stingers.

3. Usefulness

 The Rayven is quite useful to have when in a battle as it is very compact and durable. Besides the noise of the motor (you can't sneak up on people unless you shoot at the last minute) the Rayven is quite the blaster.

4. Rate of Fire (ROF)

The rate of fire of this beastly blaster is comparable to the Stampede when it has been modified. Although stock still has quite a high ROF. This kind of rate of fire comes in handy when you need a quick burst to get away.

5. Capacity

The capacity of this blaster is at the most 35 foam darts (using a 35 dart drum). Besides the clip that comes with it you can also use other clips and drums as well with it which is quite useful and saves you money if you have already got clips or drums.

6. Value for Money

The Rayven is a great blaster to have at the price of $29 from Target. It is well worth it as you can just sell the clip and get some money back for what you paid for.


The Rayven is a great all rounder blaster as it has 2 tactical rails and a barrel extension. It is great value for money and I reckon you should get it if your local stores have it as it is also an easy blaster to modify.

A range test video will be uploaded soon comparing Stock and Modified Rayvens.

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