Saturday, 8 December 2012

My RSCB'D BBUMB (essentially O.P.)

Hi all, this is my RSCB'D BBUMB. Today I just got it out from its resting place and have done some maintenance on it such as sealing the gaps between the PVC pipe and the joiners (Tee, poly pipe, and Elbow) with hot glue. I know that your supposed to use PVC cement but I didn't have the money at that time to buy it as I had spent it on the blaster.

Ok so a little history on the blaster, I first bought it at Target for around $10 (yeah I know right, cheap) and considering that it's $35+ online I consider it to be a bargain although you can sometimes get it for $10 elsewhere. Ok let's get on to it. Well I bought this blaster because I needed a powerful primary blaster so that I could use it in Nerf Wars. 

I decided I needed something that could hold multiple foam darts and be easy to prime (pump in this case) and of course easy to modify since I was a beginner to modding at that time (and I still am LOL).

So after I bought it I opened the box and there we have it, a BBUMB (BuzzBee Ultimate Missile Blast). It came with two missiles that would light up when it came it to contact with an object. I tried to shoot it out of the box but it didn't work as I need to put plumber's tape underneath where the O-ring had to go. So I seeked advice from various other Nerfers (and to them I say thank you) and they said you had to open it up with a screwdriver (as it was pretty straightforward) and then locate the pump handle and after that the O-ring.

I then had to take off the O-ring so what I did to do that was by using a pen or pencil and using the point to slowly take off the O-ring. After that I wrapped plumber's tape around the place where the O-ring would go and then I carefully inserted the O-ring on to it. And voila! When I put the blaster back together and pumped it, it worked! (Well not straight away as I had to guess and check with the amount of plumber's tape I put).

And the rest of the time after that I would play with the blaster with my brother who also had the same blaster that I had modified for him. We had a blast shooting the blasters as they would go about 20m+ which is pretty good for a $10 blaster!

After a while I had to put the blaster in storage for a while and as you can tell when I got it out again (finally!) it was in not so good condition. But then I restored it by tweaking with it a bit and finally finishing it up.

So that is the story of my blaster! I hope you enjoyed this article and stay tuned for more!

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